Linning and winning

In a season where two perennial All-Star/All-NBA players had carried us to an 8-15 record and overall simply horrendous basketball, it seems almost fitting that the Knicks’ saviour this year looks to be an undrafted, twice waived second-year Asian-American player who also spent some time in the D-League. Check, check, check and check in terms of factors creating prejudice as to whether the guy could play if given the chance. And, at the risk of jinxing it, I’m gonna go ahead and say that he really can at this point, three straight games of 23 and 7 or better is no fluke – now, granted, it would seem extremely unlikely that he can keep up the kind of production he has had in the last three games all season, but the Knicks do not really need him to have that kind of impact scoring-wise anyway. As long as he continues to play even reasonably well as a true point guard, that will be a major upgrade for the team. I especially like how Lin seems to make a concerted effort to get the whole team involved and set up teammates where they are most comfortable getting the ball. That is the kind of thing that will be very important regardless of what kind of stats he’ll be putting up. What remains to be seen now is whether he can keep the offensive flow going when Melo and Amare return. Those two should be able to see what a positive impact Lin has had through moving the ball and make sure to not be the ballstoppers they are so often accused of being.


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